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3 approaches to browse the internet anonymously

3 approaches to browse the internet anonymously

Are you seeking to conceal in undeniable sight? Here’s a rundown of 3 options for turning into invisible on-line.

As difficulty approximately net privateness grows, increasingly people are actively searching for to browse the internet anonymously. There are various ways to keep away from being identified or tracked at the internet, although, in fact, “attempt to avoid” might regularly be greater suitable. Online anonymity can often feel like a fleeting intention, and a trouble as complicated as on line privacy has no solution that is bulletproof under all instances.

Besides as a substitute simple alternatives together with proxy offerings or digital personal networks (VPNs), there are other services that you could use for you to cover your surfing behavior from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), authorities, or the very web sites you’re traveling. Let’s observe the benefits and drawbacks of three smooth-to-use anonymity networks – Tor, I2P, and Freenet.


Tor – which is on occasion known as “Onionland” because of its use of onion routing, with its encapsulation of network traffic in layer upon layer of encryption – is the great recognised and maximum widely used community apart from the surface web. The Tor community is made of access, transit and exit nodes thru which a consumer’s conversation passes until it reaches its destination. The many hoops and the encryption utilized in each of them make it nearly not possible to song or examine a conversation.

The Tor community is anticipated to have an average of 2 hundred,000 users, making it the largest anonymous network in the interim. In a way, its popularity is a boon for users, as the Tor browser could be very smooth to apply and helps many languages and various systems, together with Linux, Windows and even Android. In addition, browsing is noticeably rapid and consumes extraordinarily few sources.

Nevertheless, Tor is still a community of anonymous proxies, which can be regularly overpopulated. It is very useful for traditional surfing, journeying websites and having access to unindexed content material, but it won’t be the first-class choice for different kinds of communications. Also, as proven over time, it isn’t always a magic answer. In different phrases, there have been eventualities while your identification may be unmasked. In addition, recent ESET studies exposed cybercriminals dispensing unofficial, trojanized copies of the Tor Browser with the cause of stealing from their sufferers.


The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is an anonymous, decentralized network that still lets in its users and packages to browse anonymously. Unlike the onion routing used by Tor, communique on I2P is likened to garlic, with each message being a clove and a set of them being a bulb. With I2P a number of packets (or messages) are sent as opposed to just one, and they go through exceptional nodes. It also makes use of one-manner access and go out tunnels, in order that a question and a reply take different routes. Furthermore, inside every tunnel there’s onion routing just like Tor’s.

Consequently, with I2P it’s even greater complicated to analyze site visitors than with Tor or a conventional VPN, because it now not only makes use of various nodes and tunnels, however it also sends a number of packets, not simply one.

The primary gain of I2P is that it is able to be used for all of the sports we perform at the Internet, due to the fact it is well suited with most apps, including browsers, torrent and different P2P (peer-to-peer) tools, mail, chat, games and plenty of extra. In addition, the assignment’s documentation is very clear and comprehensive, allowing you to adapt its API for any application.

However, because it isn’t always as popular a network as To, it doesn’t but have as excessive a volume of users (and so fewer gamers to share the load), meaning that browsing is from time to time slower.


Freenet is the oldest community of the three considered right here, having been released in 2000. Freenet is designed as an unstructured P2P community with non-hierarchical nodes among which records is shared. Like Tor and I2P, verbal exchange travels among exceptional access, transit and exit nodes.

Freenet’s cause is to keep encrypted documents that may most effective be accessed if you recognize the related key, thereby stopping them from being found and censored. It gives anonymity each to folks who publish information and to folks who download it.

Among its important blessings, Freenet has strong privateness and anonymity controls that permit users to browse web sites, search or study boards, and publish files anonymously. Furthermore, being a P2P community, it’s far the quality of the three for publishing and sharing nameless content material. Nevertheless, that same capability has a disadvantage in that each consumer has to keep the content material on their personal hardware if you want to percentage it, so it calls for a big quantity of disk area and assets.

Which one, then?

As every community was developed for exclusive use cases and purposes, their features vary. Tor and I2P can’t compete with Freenet’s sturdiness, while the latter does no longer guide track and video streaming. On the alternative hand, I2P offers super flexibility and may easily be adapted to any application, but then again, there may be no higher proxy gadget than Tor. Arguably the satisfactory approach is to discover ways to use they all, after which pick out one maximum appropriate for every situation.

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